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Services and Fee Structure

Investment Management

Tiered Fees

First 100k - 1.25%

Next 100k - 1 million - 1%

Next 1 million + - .9%


Our investment management starts with learning your goals so we know how to help you achieve those goals. Retiring in three years is a different approach than retiring in thirty years. We make sure we know what your time horizon and risk tolerance are before we move forward in our process. Investments are always conducted with a long term approach. With all investment management services, you  have the opportunity to receive ongoing financial planning  and advice.

The Future Millionaire


1.  Free Initial Consultation

2. Financial Plan Start Fee :

Individuals -$350

Couples - $450

3. Recurring  - $35-$45  monthly

The ongoing relationship is for clients who do not have $35,000 or more of managed assets and those who need complex planning with their investment management. This package allows you to receive a financial plan and have an advisor at you fingertips for all of your financial needs. Semi-annual scheduled calls with an advisor help hold you accountable with your finances. Think of the relationship like a financial personal trainer who coaches you through your needs with finance. Some examples of how we continuously help clients include financial plan development and ongoing plan updates, budgeting, debt management, student loan advice and investing for retirement. 

One time/Complex Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan - $1000

Additional $250/hr for complex cases


This  is for the client who does not want an ongoing relationship. An example of this service is a client who wants to make sure they are on track with retirement, while also   creating  a specific plan to get out  debt, and start saving for a child's future education.

Specific Concern

Full consultation with an action plan - $150-$500




For the client who has one goal and would like help achieving this goal, this is the package for you. This is a single issue action plan. An example is a client who specifically  would like a strategy to pay off credit card debt. We assist with creating an action plan. It is then up to you to follow the plan and achieve your goal. There is not follow up for this package.

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